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Alice through the Looking Glass, Darkly

Church bells chimed from afar. Alice counted them; one, two, three. It was almost time to make her entrance. Hidden behind the doorway, she watched as the guests arrived. Their elaborate dress mirrored her own. Mimicking French pastries was the current fashion. Alice was trapped inside a blue frosting gown with candy bows and ribbons of pink attached throughout the sickly sweet pattern. The white lace fringe was piped along her sleeves, neckline and anywhere else spare fabric could have been sewn. It was the day of her nineteenth birthday, but she had no smiles to spare.

Suddenly, the bells stopped. The maid’s voice called out to her. Alice grasped her side where the whale bone corset dug into her ribs. As she tried to draw breaths, the lacing pulled tighter. She had to escape. Alice ran to the farthest place she could think of. She rushed through the parlor and to the back staircase towards the attic door. As much as she begged, it wouldn’t open. Alice struggled with the handle, crusty and black with age, until it turned. The door gave way to her weight. She fell sidelong onto the staircase. Alice reached for her side but stopped as she saw her gloved fingers smudged from the knob. She swallowed her tears at the thought of the price she would later pay for such foolishness. For now, she put all of her energy into finding a way out.

Alice reached for the lacing on her corset. They dug into her skin, slicing deeper and deeper, as she struggled to catch her breath. Her fingers clawed at the banister. She couldn’t stand. Her eyes began to blur. Like a child, Alice crawled up the steep stairs on her knees. She reached the top, pushing her way through the final door, and collapsed onto the attic floor. Her once blue dress was now coated with a matte of gray. She was ruined. Like tiny mops, her curls swept across the floor, creating little circles as she sobbed. She looked up for a moment and something caught her eye.

Alice turned her head. Lying in the shadows, away from the only window, was an old stuffed rabbit, the white one her mother insisted she was too old to play with. She scratched across the floor towards the animal. Alice stumbled as she stood and held on to the edge of a discarded side table to keep from falling. Smiling, she hugged the rabbit to her chest. Alice stepped back. In the darkness, she bumped into a tall, covered object. She pulled the sheet away, causing the curious piece to flip over once and then twice before coming to a crooked stop. It was revealed to be an upright mirror. She traced the carved gold edges with one hand while holding the rabbit with the other. Try as she might, she could not remember this piece ever being a part of their household. Alice knew of nothing in the house to match the mirror. It must have been an unwanted gift, she concluded. Something stored away from Christmas or a birthday.

Alice brought herself to her feet. She tried to sweep away the offending dust and dirt, but found it to be useless. She turned to the mirror to inspect herself. Something curious awaited her. She saw the room, a few boxes and a broken chair, but no Alice. Her reflection simply wasn’t there.

Suddenly mesmerized by the looking glass, she held her hand out to the surface. The glass called out. At first, she heard only a hum of a voice that turned into a whisper. As Alice reached closer, the voice became clearer. There were no words, no sentences, only screams. She stepped back, cupping her hands over her ears. Alice choked, unable to move. A face emerged from the mirror’s surface, mouth open in a cry for help. The face submerged again and was replaced by two outreaching arms.

With no time to react, the hands found her throat. The white rabbit fell to her feet. Alice felt herself being drawn under, slowly at first. She pulled back in attempt to escape. With one squeeze, the arms yanked her forward. Alice’s head met the glass’s hard surface. Her skin cracked and the hands released. As she fell, the looking glass melted and cascaded like a waterfall onto the floor. The silky silver liquid met with the blood pooling around her body. She felt beside her for the rabbit. Alice wrapped her fingers around the animal’s ear and closed her eyes.
The full title is "Alice Through the Looking Glass, Darkly," but it cut off. It should be called "Something I've Started When I Should Be Finishing A Different Book." It's just a little side-project I'm playing around with.

I’ve always wanted to write my version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland since I was a little cucumber. Before I began, I gave it a title “Alice Through the Looking Glass, Darkly.” Seriously, this named popped into my head as early as high school. It’s a combination of the Lewis Carroll books and George Patton’s poem “Through a Glass, Darkly.” I’ve thought of changing Alice’s name to Adelè (pronounced Ah-dah-lay). Originally, her name was Alicè, but pronounced Ali-say. The French-ness is in honor of my beloved Grandma, who I miss dearly every day.

Alice finds a mirror in the attic of her house after trying to escape her 19th birthday party. She passes out and wakes up in the Land of Wonders (witty, no?). There were three queens; the red queen, the white queen, and the black queen. The black queen has been gone for some time, leaving her sister the white queen to rule. Alice arrives on the exact day the white queen disappears. Alice meets the Mad Hatter, with whom she develops a relationship. With the help of the white rabbit, the three must find the white queen in order to keep the red queen from taking over the land. However, they must be careful. The red queen’s spies are all around.

This excerpt is the beginning of what is to come from this tale.
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*blush* this is so... awesome
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